Organisational details

Where: Mas Rouveyrolle, 48110 Gabriac, France

When: 15th – 20th October 2019
Arrival: Tuesday evening
Departure: Sunday morning

Participants: limited to 10 only, minimum number 3

Accommodation: Basic on site accommodation, own tent or a local hotel
On site accommodation comprises of shared washing facilities and dormitories. While it is possible to book a hotel at your own discretion, you should book early in advance and will need to supply your own daily travel to and from the venue.

Food: On site the food is vegetarian and includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please inform us about food allergies and/or any other dietary requirements that you may have.
There is a small organic store and a bakery in the village (25 minutes walk by foot).

Language: Tuition and workshops will predominantly be held in English. However, there will be possibilities to communicate in French, German and Spanish too.

Important to bring:

  • please bring personal tools if possible
  • torchlight
  • raincoat, warm clothes, sturdy shoes
  • slippers

How to get there

Local bus transport from Nimes “Gare” (Central Station) to Saint Jean du Gard “La Poste” (line A12)

Taxi to Sainte Croix VF (Hugo Just, telephone number +33 7 60 24 71 47) should be booked a few days in advance. We recommend trying to schedule your arrival at St Jean du Gard so you can share a taxi, there is place for up to 8 people.
We plan to inform you about other participants so you can organise shared travels, please see the Registration form.