Detailed Information

Content of the Workshop

Reed Making

  • how to select cane
  • how to treat and prepare it
  • construction: filing the tube, constriction, shaping the blades
  • making the reeds sound: scraping, balancing the blades, toasting, baking
  • balancing two reeds to fit the aulos, defining the desired shape and blade thicknesses

Materials (included)

  • cane, threads, wax etc.
  • tools: scraping knife, files, tip cutter etc. (will be provided, if necessary)

Taking Care of Reeds

  • rebalancing techniques: scraping, clamping, toasting, baking
  • cleaning and storing
  • repairing cracks

Playing Techniques

  • embouchure, lips, support
  • breathing techniques
  • circular breathing
  • holding the aulos, getting comfortable
  • resources for further studies


Suggested arrival time between 14h and 18:30h, meet and greet, put up your tent or settle in, dinner, discussing the schedule and content of the course.

Wednesday to Saturday:
The workshop program will be flexible and adapted to individual needs and preferences.
 We aim to share the knowledge of how to make and maintain reeds, and would like everyone to produce one or two pairs of functioning reeds. Basic tuition on embouchure, fingerings and melodies will also be provided.

There will be instruments by Robin Howell, Max Brumberg and other makers available for comparison and purchase on site. The workshop will end on Saturday with an evening concert given by Callum and Max. Workshop participants are welcome to join the concert and play some tunes.

Breakfast and farewells


Tuition fee: 290€
Tuition Material Costs: 20€
Total: 310€ (payable on site to tutors)

Food: 115€
Accommodation: 50€
Workshop rent: 20€
Total: 185€ (payable on site to Association ‘La Ventouse’)

Reservation deposit: 70€ (discounted from tuition fee)

TOTAL €495